Lucia Oriental 2023

Lucia Oriental 20 Year Anniversary is over for this year. We will come back with information for next year’s festival 2024. Until then, thank you all who made this festival so amazing! Shimmies until next year.


Celebrate Lucia Oriental’s 20th anniversary with two thrilling days of workshops on December 16th and 17th! These workshops will be led by accomplished dancers who bring their unique experiences to the table. Discover your favorites and secure your spot by registering now.

Workshop Schedule

Saturday 16 December

10:30-12:00 Floorwork & Belly Flutter with Selina

12:15-13:15 Dubai Performance Style with Selina

14:30-17:00 Hipwork Through the Decades with Annah

17:15-18:00 Free Belly Dance Class with Martina

Sunday 17 December

10:00-11:00 Belly Dance Rythms with Martina

11.10-12:10 Live Music Drum Solo with Martina

12: 15-13:15 Live Music Classics with Martina

14:15-16:45 Mejance Ratxan Choreography with LaurA

Read more about all our exciting workshops below and scroll further down for registration.

For complete beginners we recommend the free class Saturday. For students on basic level we warn you for a big challenge at Laura’s workshop. Welcome to the rest!

All workshops will be held at Musikens Hus Dance Studio at the 3rd floor. More information and adress further down.

Don’t miss our Workshop Packages with favorable prices so you can get the most out of our dance weekend. More info below the workshop presentations.

Saturday 16th December

10:30-12:00 Selina: Floorwork & Belly Flutter – 350 SEK

In this workshop you will learn the impressive art of dancing sitting and lying down. A dance that exudes femininity and can be performed to slow notes and fast drums. Move across the floor, beautiful poses, acrobatic shakes and much more. Participants is recomended to wear knee pads. The knee pads don’t have to be for dancing, but regular thick/budget knee pads from a sports store or similar are fine.

12:15-13:15 Selina: Dubai Performance Style – 250 SEK

In this workshop, Selina shares the dance skills she gained during the years she performed in Dubai. This belly dance style with strong influences from Lebanon is different from the Egyptian one. Expect tempo, hair throws and floorwork. The dance is wild and created for an Arab nightclub scene. Feel free to bring a veil and high heels (this is not a requirement).

14:30-17:00 Annah: Hipwork Through the Decades – 550 SEK

The hip movements we recognize as the most common in belly dancing all have their roots back in the history of the dance. But in terms of style, hipwork has looked different in different time periods, and also varied a lot from dancer to dancer. And today’s dancers have basically always taken inspiration from the greats who came before.

In this workshop, we will touch on Egyptian Raqs Sharqi from the 1940s until today, and let ourselves be inspired by the legendary dancers from different decades. For each period, we look at both general style features and individual characteristics. We dance to period music from each period and reflect on how technique and expression varied with the structure and character of the music. Annah also gives you some tasters of personal favorite moves and variations from different eras!

17:15-18:00 Martina: Belly Dance Class – FREE

Enjoy this free class with Arabesque’s founder and head teacher Martina von Schwerin. All are welcome, beginners and pros! Martina will teach us basic belly dance movements and give us tips and tricks to get the right oriental feeling in our dance. This class is perfect also for you who always wanted to try. Bring your friends and have a fun hour together and a great up warming for the evenings hafla!

Sunday 17th December

10:00-11:00 Martina: Belly Dance Rythms – 200 SEK

Learn the important rythms of bellydance; beladi, maksoum, saudí, malfuf, ayoub, samai and some more. In this class we recognise, analyse and write them, and we learn more of the music and history of the traditions. This class is a good preparation for the next ones with live music but also as an inspirational class for a deeper understanding of the musicality. It will definitely make you listen to bellydance music in new way!

11.10-12:10 Martina: Live Music Drum Solo – 250 SEK

Together with the professional percussionists Dyar Jalal and Ferhat Deniz Fors Arabesque’s founder and head teacher Martina von Schwerin will guide you through some basic figures in a darbuka drum solo for bellydance. The start, the ending and how you can build your playful solo performance with the extra touch of presence, stage expression and audience communication.

12:15-13:15 Martina: Live Music Classics – 290 SEK

Together with the professional percussionists Dyar Jalal and Ferhat Deniz Fors and oud player Filip Bagewitz, Arabesque’s founder and head teacher Martina von Schwerin will guide you through improvisation exercises to Oum Kathoum’s famous pieces “Enta Omri” and “Ana Fi Intizarak”. With live music you get that extra touch of presence which can help bringing out the real soul in the dance.

14:15-16:45 Laura: Mejance Ratxan Choreography – 550 SEK

This wonderful music will guide you into several styles from entrance to beautiful instrumentals, saidi and percussions! The choreography combines creative combinations & oriental technique into a stunning routine, perfect for soloists and groups.

Workshop Package Prices

Is everything looking fun and interesting and you don’t know what to choose? No worries! Get one of our package deals which gives you access to all the workshops for that day.

ALL WEEKEND PASS – 1900 SEK (save 540 SEK!)
Gives you access to all workshops the entire weekend

Gives you access to all workshops during Saturday

Gives you access to all workshops during Sunday

If you register for 2 workshops or more, you get a discount of 5% on the total amount.

Workshop Register


Here you make your registration via the form below. Mark the checkbox for the workshop(s) you want to register for. Always read the course description BEFORE you register. Your registration is binding. When you register, you click that you accept the terms and conditions and that you are therefore liable for payment. If you have any questions, please contact and we will respond shortly.


Course registration is binding. This means that you are liable for payment. In case of cancellation due to illness, a medical certificate is required. A 14-day right of withdrawal applies to distance contracts. However, this does not apply to already used lessons. Cancellations made no later than one week before the start of the course will be charged up to half the course fee as well as an administration fee. In case of cancellation after that, the full amount will be charged. Cancellation takes place via email. The course fee must always be paid before the start of the course unless otherwise agreed. We do not make deductions for missed lessons.

Workshop Teachers

martina von SChwerin

Martina is the founder and producer of Lucia Oriental. 20 years ago she started inviting other teachers and oriental dancers to end the year together with students, aiming to invite an audience from outside the dance community to show the very diversity of art expressions that oriental dance can give. During the years the project grew bigger and venues like Gothenburg concert house, the theatres Stora Teatern and Stadsteatern, the Museum of World Culture and the cinema theater Draken has been filled with the magic of oriental dance art. Martina is also the director of Arabesque Sweden as well as head teacher and manager of Arabesque Academy. She will be hosting us through the festival show and she will give workshops with live music. As a well experienced professional teacher she inspires with her deep knowledge of the culture and her passion of the art. As a dancer she is a performer known to capture her audience with great presence! 

Laura Zaray

Laura Zaray  is a versatile dance artist focusing in Oriental Dance, MENAT folklore and fusion for over 20 years. She is the leader of Zaray Dancers & Jawahir dance teams, trainer at prestigious CATT teacher training program and performer at several Bellydance Evolution productions. She has also performed in Egypt, the Library of Alexandria together with the Reda Troupe both as a soloist and as a group member.

Laura has gathered her knowledge throughout the years by participating in international productions both as a performer and a director. As a teacher she is thoughtful, creative and encouraging, always aiming to give the best training and education possible to her students.


Selina is one of Scandinavia’s leading belly dancers. She is trained in Egyptian, Turkish and Lebanese belly dance. Selina is often invited to other countries as a belly dance teacher and judge in national championships. Selina’s teaching techniques are described by other dance teachers as ”think outside the box”. She trains teachers, competitive dancers and professional performers.

Through the Middle East’s foremost agency for belly dancers in Lebanon, she has performed internationally. In addition to Europe, she has performed in Dubai, Qatar, Lebanon, Oman, Turkey, Tunisia, Iraq and China. ”In addition to technique, a belly dancer must understand the culture, the music and the history of dance. Only then can you dance oriental dance with feeling.”

Annah raqs

Annah has had a passion for dance all her life, starting with ballet at the age of 3. She has been studying Oriental dance / bellydance for 30 years, with focus on Egyptian-style Raqs Sharqi & folklore, and travels regularly to Egypt for further studies. She has studied for among others Aida Nour, Raqia Hassan, Khaled Mahmoud, Ahmed Refaat, Marta Korzun, Camelia of Cairo, Vanessa of Cairo, and Jillina Carlano. Since 2011 she runs Fireflow Dance Studio & Basar, based at her home studio in Northern Skåne, Sweden. She also leads Fireflow’s show group AlFayruz, and is one of the founders of Raqesnii Schwai, a non-profit dance network in the Skåne/Öresund area arranging haflas & other events.
Annah is known for her juicy hipwork & shimmies, her flowing & elegant movements, her musicality, and her vibrant stage presence. Annah’s main focus is to convey & support the dance as it is performed in it’s home settings, both as a social dance and professional entertainment. Improvisation, musical understanding, and cultural awareness are core components of every class she teaches.

Directions and information

Workshop Venue: Dance studio at Musikens Hus, 3rd floor
Entrance at the left side of the building (when standing in front of the building looking at the ”Musikens Hus” signs). The dance studio is at the 3rd floor. There is no changing room in the dance studio, but you can use the bathrooms at the first floor in the foyer if you want to.

Musikens Hus
Djurgårdsgatan 13
414 62 Gothenburg, Sweden

There is limited parking at the parking lot closest to Musikens Hus, but there are other parking avaible in the area. You might have to circle the area to find a parking space so keep this in mind if you come by car.

Public transport:
There are good connections with public transport. The nearest stop is Stigbergstorget and you can take tram number 3,9 & 11 here.

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